What you need to know to become front end developer

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite website look unique? Did you notice the layout , how the buttons react to touch when you clicked them, Have you ever tell yourself “I wish I can do that” or “how complicated will this thing be ”

All of those things you are seeing are front end development. How a website look is web design, font end development is how the design is used on the web.

A front end designer utilizes CSS, HTML and JavaScript to code the website created by a web designer. The code they execute run inside user browser and not on the server. Some of the things you need to learn to master front end design is discussed below.


JavaScript (JS) let you add more functionality to your website. JS let you add more interactive element into a website. This is use to create things like interactive film, online games, maps that update in real time. In other word JS make the user interface of the website to be easy to use. It should be noted that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language, so learning it is not waste of time.


JQuery is another tools of front end web designer, it is a JavaScript library with a collection of plug-in and extension. JQuery makes the development of JavaScript easier and faster. Instead of coding everything from the beginning JQuery give you a head start .JQuery can be utilize in search auto complete, countdown timer and the likes

JavaScript frame work

A JavaScript framework is what gives a readymade structure to a JavaScript code. Java script framework includes Backbone,ReactJs,and AngularJs. JavaScript frame works are of different type that suit different needs, though the mentioned above are the most popular. This framework eases development by giving readymade structures. They can minimize scratch code when use with JQuery.

Front end framework

The most popular front end frame work is Bootstrap. What bootstrap do for CSS is what JS Framework does for JavaScript. The front end frame work. Helps define all the upfront super value, since CSS start with the same element from one project to another. Most front end developer uses this framework.

CSS Preprocessors

Preprocessors are other element that can speed up CSS coding. A preprocessor add special functionality to CSS to keep the program easier to work with. This processors process your code before the website is published and it turns in to a well formatted and user friendly interface. SASS is among the most demanded preprocessors.

In conclusion in other for you to become a front end programmer you have go extra miles. Learning about framework will give you the idea of what structure is all about and how it can speed up your web designing process. JQuery will speed you up with libraries and extension. JavaScript is what make webpage more interactive. Add more flavors to your website developing skill today.

How to Create User-Friendly Web Design

As time goes by, internet technologies have become so advanced and analyzed in detail that every single point of web design is crucial. A point that most web designers pay a special attention to is creating a user-friendly website.

The term seems self-explanatory, but I’ll provide you with a simple definition anyway – A user-friendly web page is easily workable and accessible to users. Nonetheless, being user-friendly is much more than just creating a cool-looking website that people will find engaging and easy to use. Namely, understanding the concept of user-friendly and applying it to your newly created web page will increase the quality of each visit to your website, thereby increasing the number of visitors that stay on your website, and ultimately improving the conversion rate.

In order to achieve the status of user-friendliness, you should be paying attention to the following factors:

Navigation:Site construction, tabs, menus and other navigation tools should be as simplified as possible and in accordance with how users search and browse. The primary goal of navigation is to facilitate browsing the site for users and not overcomplicate things without any particular reason.

Multimedia: Inserting video and audio files or any other multimedia in the web design will be a sort of tutorial for easy and quick use. Therefore, users will have no trouble grasping website information and will be encouraged to stay on the website.

Compatibility: Creating compatible content for different browsers and operating systems is essential since this can increase its viewing and improve its ranking on Google search. For instance, in Google search, type “Houston website design“. You’ll see that most of these search results leading to Houston web design companies are compatible with different operating systems, which is why they rank high in Google search.

Technology: Keeping up with the latest trends in the world of technology gives designers free hand to be innovative and creative, thus creating enough room for a dynamic, fresh, and professional web design.

Interactive: Web design is also setting up an active environment where visitors can participate and be involved in discussions. Making your web design interactive by adding opinion polls and comment boxes is just another road to converting users from visitors to clients with newsletter sign-ups and email forms.

Sticking to these fundamental principles of web design will keep your web page user-friendly and functional, and bring you more online success.

Houston Website Design Tips You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Houston website design is here. If you have a website, then this is best guide for you. You need to discover what your website needs. If you don’t own a website this guide can be very useful now and in future when you need to design your website.

A website is the best way you can brand your small business to become more profitable. There are many web designers in Houston but a few of them will tell you this. These are the tips you need to know.

Avoid Slideshows

Today many web design doesn’t prefer the use of a slide show on your website. This seems to be an out dated trend. Use of video’s as the background for your header is slowly taking the market unaware. It is therefore significant you move on with the trending design to avoid losing it in business. Please consider avoiding slideshows if you are yet to create your website, if you already have a website consider updating your site.

Easy Navigation.

Always ensure simple navigation within you website. A visitor needs to find the results of his or her search as fast as possible and could easily bounce off if your website have poor navigation.

Larger Font Size.

Clarity of information in your website is relatively important. Use of Headers tags “H1” and “H2” must always be emphasized for your website. The paragraph section should also have large font’s sizes to avoid visitors straining when reading through the content.

Get Perfect Color Combination.

It is not easy to do this, but it is important. Using the natural colors is recommended. You can always ask for reviews from other observers before settling for a specific color.

Avoid Sidebars and consider whitespaces.

Today, it seems the use of sidebars is becoming history. The use of whitespaces is even though recommended. Try to avoid sidebars even for blogs.

These are a few Houston website design tips you need to know. More tips are always available, but this is a good kick starter for your website.